Noakes Grove History


6000 BC to 1400 AD

Noakes Grove has probably been farmed (or woodland with farmed clearings) for many thousands of years, preceded by a roughly equal period after the end of the last Ice Age when it was wild woodland and woodland clearings. There are some written and archaeological evidence from Sewards End from Roman time onwards but the first specific written information dates from 1400 AD when a Mr Nokes was given permission by the monastery to clear an agricultural holding, part of which is now Noakes Grove.

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1605 - 1877

This period, of traditional, mixed, pre-industrialsed farming has detailed records of what Noakes Grove looked like and was used for. Most of this information is from detailed maps from 1758 onwards and recorded of who owned the land and what each field was used for.

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Late 19th century to the present

In late Victorian time Nokes Grove was not owned by a single landowner and farmed by a single farmer. This came about when the Reeves family became the owners of Sewards End and Mortimers Farms and owned Noakes Grove from 1921 until the start of the 21st century. When the farm was sold in lots at auction, each portion of the farm was sold to different buyers and Noakes Grove ownership and management changed. It has been a nature reserve since 2008.

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