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In 1605 an inventory was made of all the fields and woods in the Saffron Walden area. The original has been lost but a hand-written translation, made around 1750, exists in the Saffron Walden Town Library. Here is what it says about parts of Noakes Grove:

1605 fields

The above says:

The Tenement Papps ats Kelkow. Kelkowgreen.

Mr. Richard French a long pasture with divers groves of wood and a Pightle at the west end of the? Pasture between Pappas Lane on the south, the Grove called Noakes on the north butting east upon the said grounds called Noakes, west upon the way from Butlers to Siwardsend in this place called Kelkow grene late Straches formerly Alberies & Rogers by copy 13th Hentry 8th by the name of one Tenement called Papps at Kelkes, payes to the Manor of Pounces as appears by the same copy II's

11 Acres 11


The same 7 Closes lying there together called Noakes between the former grounds, & the ground of Launcelot Ellis called Boiges on the south, the way from Butlers to Siwardsend on the west the Almshouse ground and the Lord's ground called Flatfield on the north, Ashdon Ground, & Ashdon Lane on the east at the Ashdon croft late Stracher, formerly Alberies by copy 22nd JL? 8?? and pay 24. parcel of 24 36 acres



In 1758 two very similar maps were made showing details of every field: one map covering the whole parish of Saffron Walden, including Sewards End (held by Essex Record Office but a photographic digitised copy available at the Saffron Walden Town Library) and the other the estate of St Aylots (available online from the Essex Record Office)


From the St Aylots map


noakes 1758


From the Saffron Walden map: woods outlined in green (these outlines have been added for clarity, they are not part of the original map)


Slade 1758


List of fields and their tenants in 1758

The areas that now form Noakes Grove are:

1755 H.h Domaine of St Aylotts Farn Auberry Field 4-2-7 a-r-p

1756 A Grove Domaine of St Aylotts Farn Auberry Field 1-3-11 a-r-p

1757 Mary Oddy A grove part of Nokes CW Copyhold 0-3-32

1758 Mary Oddy Site of the tenement called Nokes nw Little Wills Ally Farm CW Copyhold 1-1-24



1758 fields



This is the first edition Ordnance Survey 25 inch to a mile map published in the 1877


Noakes & Slade Valley

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