Our reserves produce two types of local food:

Apple Juice & Lamb Meat



Apple juice from the lovely blend of traditional desert and cyder apples that grow in our orchard at Scotch Patch, Ellis Green and elsewhere in Wimbish. We mash and press the apples ourselves, filter the juice and pasteurise it in 500ml bottles.

The 2020 pressing should produced over 200 bottles: pure juice with absolutely no additives and from apples grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. From October 2020 you can order 12 bottles for free delivery in or near Saffron Walden. £24 per dozen with a credit of £3 (25p per bottle) when you return your empties to the Walden Local Food stall at the Saturday market-The new stock now from autumn 2020 apples now available - order by emailing sales@walden-countryside.co.uk giving your phone number and address. We'll contact you to arrange delivery: payment due after delivery.

apple juice



Wiltshire Horn lambs most of which go to the butchers early in December. We sell the meat locally as half lambs, ready prepared by the butcher and packed in meal-sized portions, ready for your freezer. We let our supporters know by email when it is time to place an order. All the meat from this year's lambs has been sold.

Free Fruit

Sloes, crab apples and blackberries are available free on a pick your own basis in autumn. Donations welcome.


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