Apple Juice, lamb Meat and wild-harvest free food from our reserves. Local fruit, veg and wild game from ourmarkets



Apple juice from the lovely blend of traditional desert and cyder apples that grow in our orchard at Scotch Patch, Ellis Green and elsewhere in Wimbish. We mash and press the apples ourselves, filter the juice and pasteurise it in 500ml bottles.

The 2020 pressing produced over 200 bottles: pure juice with absolutely no additives and from apples grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

The remaining stock is being held for sale at our open days and simillar events. Next season's crop is growing at Scotch Patch Orchard.

apple juice



Wiltshire Horn lambs most of which go to the butchers early in December. We sell the meat locally as half lambs, ready prepared by the butcher and packed in meal-sized portions, ready for your freezer. We let our supporters know by email when it is time to place an order. All the meat from this year's lambs has been sold.

Free Fruit

Sloes, crab apples and blackberries are available free on a pick your own basis in autumn. Donations welcome.

Local Food available elsewhere in the Saffron Walden area:

Saffron Walden Local Food Stall supplies locally grown fruit and vegetables from its market stall in Butcher Row, Saffron Walden every Saturday.

The stall is run by Saffron Walden CIC and was established with a grant from the Wildlife Trusts's multi-million pound local food fund withnational heritage lottery funding.

Local wild game (fallow deer or muntjac venison, wild rabbit, pheasants, partridge, wood pigeon) are sold at theThaxted market every Friday morning by the local company Radwinter Wild Game

It is worth considering that the current fashionfor vegan or vegetarian agriculture (which would reduce the input of methan int theatmosphere) also implies the loss of farm pasturelands which are one of the most endangered and valuable wildlife habitats.

Non-vegetarians can enjoy the wild game mear with a clear concience: itis meat that would otherwise been thrown away and wild deer produce methane whether they die in the wild or end up on your plate.


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