September 2021 Newsletter

Noakes Grove Open day

Sunday September 19th

1.00 - 7.00 pm

Open Day Great Big Green Week Work Parties Newt News Migrating sheep Waitrose

Noakes Grove Autumn Open Day

Sunday 19th September - 1pm - 7pm

Lots to do for you and your youngsters

Meet the wildlife

  • Catching and releasing wood mice and voles

  • Identifying and recording the moths in the moth trap

  • Bug hunts for minibeasts

Guided tours

  • Learn about the history and current management of Noakes Grove

  • Tours for youngsters led by 7-and 8-year-old Wild Child Club members

Food and drink

  • Refreshments: teas, coffees, soft drinks, cakes

  • Pick your own hedgerow fruit: blackberries, sloes, elderberries, crab apples


  • Puppet Shows

  • Live music from The Walden Buskers and The Bumpstead Bojangles

  • Nature art and games for young ones in the Wild Wood

  • Visiting donkeys


puppet show
donkey trap

Hedgerow Harvest

At our Open Day you are welcome to pick your own blackberries, sloes and other wild fruits.

The links below each picture take you to recipes you might try

elder sloes haws hips hips
Blackberries Elderberries Sloes Haws Rose Hips Crab Apples
Blackberry Crumble Elderberry Cordial Sloe Gin Hawthorn Berry Ketchup Rose Hip Syrup Crab Apple Jelly
Blackberry Jelly Elderberry Wine Sloe & Blackberry Jam Hawthorn Jelly Rose Hip Tea Crab Apple Whisky
Open Day Great Big Green Week Work Parties Newt News Migrating sheep Waitrose

The Great Big Green Week

(September 18 - 26)

This is a national event: with many events in the Saffron Walden area. Two are organised by Walden Countryside (our Open Day at Noakes Grove and a Wild Child session) but all the others also look interesting and deserve support

Click here for a full list of events

Work Party

Next one: Sunday September 12th 10am - 3pm

Normally our monthly work party is on the third Sunday of the month but this month the third Sunday is our Open Day, so the work party will be on the second Sunday.

We will be clearing the rides through the scrub and other work preparing for the Open Day.

Please come and help if you can

Open Day Great Big Green Week Work Parties Newt News Migrating sheep Waitrose

Newt News

We have known for a few years now that Great Crested Newts lived at Noakes Grove but we had only ever found them living on land. This year we know we have breeding colony - there were lots of Great Crested Newt tadpoles in the main pond and an adult newt found in the tiny pond near the sheep-food shed.

Great Crested Newts are very strictly protected so we stopped pond-dipping until the tadpoles had left the pond

More information on newts

newt-pole newts


Migrating Sheep

Friday 10th September will see many of the sheep moving home.

The 11 ram lambs will be living at Kings Field now they are about to reach puberty and must be separated from the ladies.

All the ewes who gave birth this year, together with the two "sheerlings" (Dora and Barley) due to become part of the nine strong breeding flock, will spend the winter at Noakes Grove where the ram will join them in late autumn.

The retired ewes, and the three ewe lambs from this year, will live at Fred & Gilly Bamber's pastures. Visits by appointment only.


Thank you Waitrose

The Saffron Walden branch of Waitrose has chosen us as an environmental group worthy of their help.

They have agreed to give us £300 which will be used to make a special "pond-dipping pond" to be fed by the rain run-off from the sheep-food shed.

We hope it will be complete and ready to welcome some frogs and kids by Spring.

Two Waitrose representatives came to visit Noakes Grove and were delighted to meet the Friday Wild Child group who will be amongst the users of the new pond.



Please give us someone-else's money

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It costs you nothing: see the details

Open Day Great Big Green Week Work Parties Newt News Migrating sheep Waitrose


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