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This story has been created by and for our Wild Child group of home educated youngsters. Each week we read the new chapter, talk about it and suggest what might happen in next week's chapter. No one knows how it will end yet.

The story line concerns a boy from our own (locked down) time and a girl from the Stone Age. They explore each other's worlds. To the girl, our world is full of magic and magicians who can light matches, switch on electric lights and tame wild animals. To the boy, the Stone Age is an exciting but strange place where he finds the girl knows much more about nature and how to survive than he does.










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Chapter 1 - The Hot Springs

Chapter 2 - Cow's Milk and Reindeer Meat

Chapter 3 - A Mammoth Feast?

Chapter 4 - The Mammoth Hunt

Chapter 5 -Milking Cows and Meeting Parents

Chapter 6 -Feeding Babies

Chapter 7 - Electricity - wild and tamed

Chapter 8 - Shopping and Hunting

Chapter 9 - Becoming a Goat and the Beginning of the World

Chapter 10 - A Painted Party

Chapter 11 - A Bath and a Book and a Dog

Chapter 12 - Reading a Story