Walden Countryside Bird Box Kits
- an ideal Christmas present

The Walden Countryside BirdBox kit - £12.95 each.

Sorry - sold out


Email: sales@organic-countryside.co.uk

Our BirdBox kits are made to the British Trust for Ornithology recommended design for blue tits, great tits and other hole-nesting small birds. They are made from top quality wood that will last for years - you don't need to paint them with toxic preservatives.

The kit comes as a set of exactly cut and drilled pieces of wood and all the screws you need. You and your children can have fun on Boxing Day assembling the kit (there are full instructions and it only needs a screwdriver). Then fix it to a tree or shed in your garden and enjoy watching maybe ten generations of birds raising their families before you need to repair or replace your box.

Walden Countryside BirdBox Kits are made for us by Boatman Furniture in Great Chesterford as their contribution to our wildlife conservation work: so everything you pay (less the cost of the wood and screws) goes to helping run our nature reserves. Ben Boatman makes top-quality bird boxes to help us but he makes his living designing and building bespoke furniture for local homes. If you might need his services take a look at boatmanfurniture.co.uk

Buying your box

We have a stock of just fifty boxes: first come first served but you must live near Saffron Walden (CB10 land), Just email sales@organic-countryside.co.uk and tell us your name, address, phone number and how many BirdBox kits you would like. We'll reply telling you whether we still have the boxes available and, if so, asking you to pay by direct bank transfer or PayPal. We will hand-deliver your purchase to your house, maintaining the recommended social distance at all times and leaving the box wherever you suggest if you are not in when we call.

BirdBox Kit

Gt Tits


The BirdBox kit - all you need is in the box (except a screwdriver)

A Great Tit family - not included with the kit: you make the box, they'll find it

A Great Tit's desirable residence - homemade by your kids


Would he or she prefer something different? Would you?

  • The local toy shops are locked down.
  • You could find something on Amazon: it will probably cost £15.99 or more, be made in China from plastic, be packed in non-recyclable plastic, be played with joyously until Boxing Day and then spend five years in a cupboard before it goes to Oxfam by which time its batteries will have run out and it will never make that horrible noise again.
  • Making the BirdBox will also be over by Boxing Day or soon after. But then everyone in the family can enjoy watching for a nesting bird family every Spring and Summer.
  • It won't take more than a few years before the recipient of your present will beg a nest-box camera kit, so you can watch the nestlings grow while you relax in front of your TV or computer screen. Don't worry, he or she will know how to fix it up and will soon be live-streaming the tit-family saga to the rest of the World.



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