Essex Wildlife Trust
Nature Reserves in Walden Countryside


Essex Wildlife Trust has three nature reserves in the Walden Countryside area:

West Wood, Sampford

A large oxlip wood with an excellent network of rides to walk. Great crested newts breed in the forest ponds. Visually somewhat marred by extensive use of metal deer-fencing and unnecessary planting of saplings in plastic tubes. See SSSI details.

Shadwell Wood, Ashdon

An oxlip wood with splendid displays of spring woodland flowers. An SSSI - see details

Harrison Sayer Reserve, Hadstock

A small grassland reserve on the edge of the old Hadstock WW2 airfield.







Michael Gould

Michael died early in August. Before his final long illness he was an enthusiastic supporter of Walden Countryside and its work parties at Noakes Grove. His partner, Issa, has asked any of his friends who would like to make a donation in his memory to support Walden Countryside and, in particular, this Limefield Pit project. Please visit Michael's memorial page.


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