The Wild Child Club is for home-schooled children age 6 - 9

  • From 1st January 2021, until lockdown ends, the outdoor club meetings have been replaced by weekly ZOOM meetings (for exsisting Wild Child Club members) and online games and learning resources open to everyone - visit Wild-Child-online.
  • The Club gives a small group of children a chance to enjoy and learn about the countryside in and around our nature reserves as well as a chance to play in the open air and have social contact with other kids.
  • Each Club is limited to five children with an adult leader (a qualified teacher and naturalist) plus one of the parents.
  • The club has met weekly since June 2020 (with a change of some members when some children returned to school in September, after lockdown) - here are some of the things we have done:

There were two groups - one on Tuesdays the other on Fridays
Both groups are now full but to enquire about any possible places for your wild-child email and we'll let you know what options are available during lockdown

Latest news (click the moth names for more info and pictures)

In December the Tuesday group sorted out the moths in our moth trap - yes there are moths out in the middle of winter. We caughr:

Winter Moth Mottled Umber Dark Chestnut



What de did last summer and autumn

  • Caught tadpoles and released them later as small frogs
  • Reared peacock or tortoiseshell caterpillars
  • Caught mice and voles in catch-alive traps
  • Taken part in the Big Butterfly Count
  • Made rose-hip syrup
  • Harvested apples and made apple juice
  • Dissected a road-casualty squirrel
  • Metal detecting
  • Leaf-prints of tree leaves
  • Photographing fungi and getting them identified by an expert.
  • Deer-watching
  • Pond-dipping
  • Climbed trees
  • Made nest-boxes and fixed them on trees
  • Built dens
soring moths
magnifyng water fleas
Identifying the moths caught in the moth-trap
Benjamin, Tristan & Leo studying water-fleas
butterfly count boxed  butterfly
The Big Butterfly Hunt
A good catch
treasure hunt feeding sheep
Treasure Hunting
Feeding the Sheep
Bendysh squirrel
Off on a deer-watch at Bendysh Wood
Dissecting a road-kill squirrel

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